Condition of Books:

Each Book has a 'Star' assigned to it, which is indicative of the physical condition of the used book. Please click on the book to find this information.



Excellent - Almost new and fresh. Sparingly used.


Very Good - Attractive. Fresh looking, minor wrinkling.


Good - Old but well-maintained. At times, Fresh Looking books with minor repairs may also be categorized three star.


Fair - Pretty old and frequently used. Still readable and useful. The book may have taped edges and yellowed pages.


Poor - Readable and useful, but poorly maintained. Buy this book only if you want to read and discard.

 All conditions are on best effort basis.  


Comic Book Grading ( Rare comics)

We are now also selling RARE Comics. For better transparency, you can find the following notations in the description of the comic.  The grading is subjective and follows best practices.   

NM-Near Mint

VF-Very Fine


VG-Very Good