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The website secondhandbooksindia.com was started in 2004 and has since grown with hundreds of thousands of registered users and thousands of customers who buy regularly from the website.


You may buy as a Guest User or as a Premium Customer.


The website is organized like a used books store. The books are 'piled up' and you will need to browse and make a little effort, to find an interesting book.  If you look hard enough and with patience you are sure to find exciting deals and books that are currently out of print and are a rare find. We do have a SEARCH function which should be used with intelligence to find books. We have tried to categorize books in broad categories which you can find on the left panel of the website.


The books are on first come first serve basis. We normally do not have multiple copies of a single books, therefore smart readers grab the best deals. This is the nature of the website and part and parcel of the used books business.  It is interesting to note that all books listed are in stock and will be dispatched in a couple of days of order and payment confirmation. All books are 100% genuine and legitimate hand me downs and are quality controlled.

We currently list  primarily (fiction) novels, comics ( new and old), children books, general management books, Self help books and some stuff that defies categorization.

We pack books in recycled packing material. Keeping to the philosophy that selling used books is a  Go Green initiative, our packing reflects the 'Green' touch.  We try to make sure that a minimum of trees have been cut and destroyed, before the books reach you. We do encourage you to share these books with friends and family to further enhance the Go Green effort.  Please do note that although our packing uses recycled materials, it is waterproof, secure and a can withstand rough handling.

The website is run by Sharad Churamani, a book lover and entrepreneur who wanted to do something he loves. He is a  post graduate in Business Economics and has vast experience in sales, marketing, and of course books! If you wish to contact him, you can find his details on the contact us page. 

We again welcome you to the family of book lovers and hope you will register with us, and find books to your liking. We do welcome suggestions as to authors and various kind of books you may like, therefore feel free to write in to us.

Happy Buying !




Premier Used Books Store in India. Online since 2004. Genuine hand me down second hand books. No Pirated or damaged books. High quality, Low Price with quick shipping. All popular authors. Fiction, Kid Books, Comics, Children books, Self help books, Novels, Travel Books, Religious Books, Humour, Serious Reading. Buy used books (second hand books) with confidence. We regularly update the online store with new additions every few days. Customers can find exciting deals on every update of the online book store. You can aslo reach us by typing www.shbi.in in your browser.