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Back in India from US on an assignment, emotionally drained and physically weakened, in his middle age, Rajan Joshi's past life visits him in a flashback, his young driver being his only company. It takes him through the labyrinth of caste and religion that he had lived in UP, and yet remained untouched and unblemished by it for some strange reason. But now it's no longer the case, despite living in a modern western country for many years, and he is uncomfortable with himself. The flashback takes him through the Mandir and Mandal era, the persons of various castes, the Muslims, the Pirs that touched and shaped his life. Their lives are permanently linked to his, a fact that he discovers when he roams around the places in UP which were once his home, and through a series of events that occur during his journey. He finds out that all of his 80 years of life, and that of his closest of companions is governed by destiny, his upbringing, and above all, by the uniqueness of the land where he was born.

Author : Rajat Pant

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