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Suraya Sadeed started her life in Kabul, Afghanistan. As the governor's daughter, she lived in luxury, peace, and contentment. When the Soviet Union invaded, she fled, starting a successful second life in the United States. But she never forgot the people she left behind in Afghanistan. After experiencing a devastating personal tragedy, an idea. . . no, a mission. . . struck her. Under the Taliban, women and girls were being treated inhumanely. They had no voice and no one to help them. Anyone venturing into Afghanistan would find a perilous country with little access to the outside world and virtually no resources. If something went wrong, there would be no one to help. But she didn't care. She was going. Her journey takes her from the Taliban regime to the war in Afghanistan and beyond. Standing up to warlords, smugglers, and an oppressive religious regime, she slips through the borders, evades the Taliban, and endures unthinkable conditions to help the people of her native land. As she looks to the future of the ever-changing country, Sadeed realizes how much work still needs to be done. The road ahead is long. . . but her efforts toward meaningful assistance and lasting change set an inspiring example.

Author : Suraya Sadeed

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