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Shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize 2013. Set in Delhi in the 90s, Lovers Like You and I explores the experience of love, its many faces, through the life of young Nayan. As she makes the journey from girl to woman, Nayan meets men and women from different backgrounds, generations and places filmmaker, doctor, scribe, student, painter who have experienced love in their lives, felt it differently, expressed it variously and either won it or lost it in the end. At the heart of the story lies her own unsettling relationship with Salil, a drifter who flits between poetry and backpacking. This is an unusual novel that evokes a lost era. . . a time when people wrote letters and cherished the ones they received. With its effortless bilingualism and its seamless use of prose and verse, it challenges our notions of conventional storytelling to take us into a world where emotion rules and where time and leisure take on new meanings.

Author : Minakshi Thakur

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