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When single working mother, Ira, enrolls her son, Abhi, at Bumblebees, a posh playschool in Lutyens Delhi, little does she know what she is getting into. The other moms are everything she is not impeccably groomed, couture sporting fashionistas who do coffee at trendy joints, throw lavish birthday parties for their children and holiday in exotic locales. In her eagerness to befriend these hip moms, Ira inadvertently lets slip a lie about her marriage that could lead to her being ostracized from this clique. When the dashing Vasu comes back into her life, Ira asks him to pose as her fake husband to help her save face before these women. But will her lie be found out? Will Ira and Vasu part ways or embark on a new beginning together?

Author : Kausalya Saptharishi

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