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Close friends Tara, a muchmarried woman; Naina, recently divorced, and Nihal, a transgender, are looking to breathe free in a conventional society. Successful urban professionals, they live the good life, or so it seems. Trapped in unfulfilling relationships, each one craves an understanding companion. In search of an emotional connect, the threeexplore their deepest selves in the gripping world of online dating and chat rooms. As they get drawn deeper into the vortex of online chatting, the virtual reality threatens to overshadow their ordinary, mundane existence, and the idea of self-exploration laced with transgression, takes root. Tara wishes to cast aside the shackles of domesticity and tradition to explore all that is taboo. Will she end up throwing caution to the winds? Naina takes baby steps towards her independence. Will she finally find what she thinks she deserves in a relationship? Nihal faces a terrible struggle about the revelation of his secret to the world. Will that deter him from carrying through his own transition to Niharika? Cupidity. . . Ping Me, Love is a tale of three lonely souls who reinvent themselves in the virtual world, breaking all social norms, without an inkling of the final outcome

Author : Kiren Rai

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