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A newspaper ad that fell into his hands by chance, an application for a job made on a whim, and Rishad embarked on the life he had always dreamt of: to travel, experience history, scare himself silly, climb a mountain, explore an underwater coral, jump out of a plane, have a good conversation over wine, make friends with an elephant, and photograph rainbows. In the last fifteen years, as a travel writer for magazines and newspapers, he has been able to fulfil every dream of his, and more. In this delightful travelogue, Rishad takes readers along with him on road trips in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Ferrari; a pilgrimage to Poland where The Great Escape was filmed; a spur-of-the moment New Year trip to see snow; and spectacular treks in the Himalayas.

Author : Rishad Saam Mehta

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