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When Gayatri Jayaraman embarks on a ten-day vipassana course in the Himalayas, she has no inkling of the ways in which it will transform her. Sharing the rarefied air with nine other women initiates, she begins her journey inward, learning to focus on her breath and body, and spring-clean her mind. With good humour and an open mind, she seeks to simply observe her thoughts , but as days of absolute silence sink into introspection, what comes tumbling out catches her unawares. Tugging at the thread of the breath from the tip of the nose unravels a lifetime of action and reaction - some good, some bad - and wrongdoing, both her own and those of others. She persists with this intense process and, guided by her teachers, starts to sift through the clamour and goes through a cleanse that plumbs depths no juice diet has ever reached.

Author : Gayatri Jayaraman

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