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Fall seven times, stand up eight; Japanese proverb There's you, there's success and there's the distance in between. So how do you bridge the gulf. . . Is hard work all that is needed. . . Is luck essential. . . Where can the answers be found. . . Look within yourself, says Shishir Srivastava, correctly identify the eight powers we all have inside us and make full use of them. Success, happiness and fulfilment can then be yours. Starting with the belief that success is possible for everyone, The Eight Powers Within You: Your Guide to Success shows how you can develop your latent power and move in the direction of your goals, both at home and at work. The empowering exercises and techniques will help you realize your full potential through the powers of imagination, words, self-confidence, goal setting, focus, will, action and love.

Author : Shishir Srivastava

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