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What terrible jest is fate engaged in? I meet Kamala and Nalinaksha meets Hemnalini this is like a novel, and that too, a badly-written one. Such contradictory matchmaking is possible only for an uncaring writer like destiny it conjures up events that the timid novelist dare not write in his imagined stories. After a boat wreck overturns his life, Rameshchandra Chowdhury mistakes young Kamala for his newly wedded bride. They move away from Calcutta to start a domestic life together, even as Ramesh is unable to forget Hemnalini, whom he was always in love with, but could not marry. Meanwhile, Hemnalini must steel her heart, whilst her hypochondriac father and hot-headed brother seek grooms for her. When Nalinaksha, a serene and influential doctor, enters the scene, fate decides to rock the boats again.

Author : Rabindranath Tagore

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